What's new at ZF?
Who are we?
What have we accomplished in the last year?
What coming to ZF's website?
This is our  new website and it is under construction. Thank you   for your
patience while we make ready for launch.
ZF has been operational as a 501 (c)3 charitable non-profit organization
since 2009 and, although our website has yet to be untied from the dock,
ZF is moving along nicely at about power 5.
We plan to keep you up-to-date on all ZF news and events. As time goes
on we will continue to add to the "Historical" tab with photos and stories
about women in rowing and  ZLAC's colorful 122 year history as the
oldest women's rowing club in the United States.

Soon you will be able to support our mission to help Junior Women's
Rowing Programs as they look for ways to improve their  lives through
rowing by making online donations. See our Donation page.
  • Our Learn to Row Camp for juniors in January was extremely well
    attended. Watch it here:
The ZLAC Foundation is a
non-profit corporation
created to provide resources
to promote national
and international amateur
rowing and competition
among girls and women, to
foster rowing education, and
to preserve the rowing
history of women in the
United Sates of
Welcome to ZLAC Foundation's website
  • A new Board was elected and a new President, Penney Homel, was
  • Created strategic alliances with Community Rowing, America Rows,
    Cathedral High School Junior Rowing Program, and ZLAC Rowing
  • We completed and opened our women's rowing museum with
    historical artifacts dating back to 1892. It's amazing!